CHEFS'  by Lise Timmer believes that a chef’s work goes beyond the mechanical.  Creating a transcendental culinary experience demands imagination, expertise and unbridled passion.

Only a true chef understands how to prepare the finest dishes with love and dedication. To create food that energizes the body, warms the heart, and fires up the soul.

We leverage our global network of culinary experts, letting our clients tap into their experience and  gastronomic know-how to facilitate the 4 divisions below.

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Our expertise lies with the ability to match our clients’ expectations with our chefs’ aspirations. Please feel free to contact us by filling in our CHEFS' contact form and we will guide you.


Fine Dining Experiences

Sharing a meal brings people closer together, and great food makes everything better.

With our chefs, we help our clients create quality, bespoke dining experiences.

From creating concepts, developing menus, to orchestrating complete private, corporate, public or even pop-up experiences, we possess the culinary and organizational skills to create one-of-a-kind moments.


Knowledge Sharing

Today's masters were yesterday's apprentices, so a great chef knows to pass his or her hard-won experience on to others.

We help our chefs to bring their knowledge out from the confines of their kitchen into the wider world.

Workshops, masterclasses, lectures, debates or even guest appearances on cooking shows or TV programmes: a chef is always eager to share her/his passion.


Brand Building

Good food speaks for itself, but only great food can speak for you.

That is why brand building is at the core of everything we do.

Our clients rely on us and our chefs to add passion and refinement to their projects.

From product launches to restaurant or menu (re)branding, our chefs assist our clients (re)position their business, increase their visibility and gain market shares.


R&D | Innovation

Consumers are more educated, demanding and discerning than ever.  Smart businesses know they must respond to today's more refined palates and higher expectations.

Our chefs can provide food innovators with the culinary insights needed by R&D companies. They have strong understanding of flavors and textures and the diversity to work with many styles of cuisine. They are able to innovate and challenge convention and know how to think in new ways.