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Ouverture du Flagship Store Gaggenau

Après une rénovation majeure, les invités spéciaux du showroom phare Gaggenau à Hoofddorp (Pays-Bas) ont pu découvrir la première européenne de sa toute nouvelle expérience utilisateur.

Mission ‘Project management’ successfully completed!

After a major renovation, special guests in the Gaggenau Flagship Showroom in Hoofddorp (The Netherlands) experienced the European primeur of its brand new user experience. The brand's pursuit of gastronomic excellence was translated into culinary masterpieces on the plate by two Michelin star chef Edwin Vinke of restaurant De Kromme Watergang.

Global Tea Ambassador and multiple cocktail award winner Robert Schinkel took care of stunning tea pairings with each of the dishes of Edwin.

The difference is...Gaggenau

At every stage of our appliances’ production, a craftsperson examines their work using hand and eye, seeking imperfections. This constant quality control protects an exceptional reputation built by hand, since 1683.

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