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Prestige « Dîner en mouvement » Gaggenau

Magnifique « Dinner in Motion » de prestige pour Gaggenau aux Pays-Bas par le chef 2 étoiles Edwin Vinke et fièrement organisé par CHEFS' de Lise Timmer.

Gaggenau : ‘Respected’ at the World Restaurant Awards

‘Respected’ by Gaggenau was officially unveiled at the World Restaurant Awards in Paris with a Market Plaza installation. We presented vegetables, cheeses and fruits in a stylised market square, beneath a giant cuckoo clock and ten-meter-high trees from the Black Forest, birthplace of Gaggenau back in 1683. This was our tribute to those behind the scenes, who provide the exceptional ingredients that the great chefs in attendance, relied upon. We look forward to supporting the producers and artisans growing heritage grains, keeping rare breeds and retaining the methods that yield the best quality.

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