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Festival gastronomique mondial de Bangkok 2019

L'Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel invite une sélection fulgurante de chefs cuisiniers primés de tous les continents à participer à cet événement culinaire exceptionnel. L’extravagance d’une semaine comprendra des dîners et des démonstrations culinaires interactives organisées par les meilleurs fournisseurs culinaires du monde dans l’une des villes les plus animées d’Asie.

Bangkok’s oldest international culinary spectacular is returning to one of the capital’s most exclusive addresses for a landmark 20th year with a star-studded line up of some of the world’s leading chefs, and a tribute to the City of Angels’ world-renowned street food culture.

From 2nd – 8th September 2019, sixteen acclaimed chefs from nine countries – from France to Japan and from Taiwan to Spain – will present an international culinary feast at the 20th World Gourmet Festival at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. With no less than thirteen Michelin stars amongst them, the brigade of chefs includes:

  • Wolfgang Becker: Becker’s Restaurant in Trier, Germany (2 Michelin stars)

  • Kai Ho: Taïrroir in Taipei, Taiwan (2 Michelin stars)

  • Alan Geaam: Alan Geaam in Paris, France (1 Michelin star)

  • Chiho Kanzaki and Marcelo di Giacomo: Virtus in Paris, France (1 Michelin star)

  • Hideki Ii: Shirosaka in Tokyo, Japan (1 Michelin star)

  • Angel Zapata Martin: Barrafina in London, United Kingdom (1 Michelin star)

  • Hajime Otowa and So Otowa: Ciel et Sol in Tokyo, Japan (1 Michelin star)

  • Rui Silvestre: Vistas in Vila Nova de Cacela, Portugal (1 Michelin star)

  • Andrea Spagoni: BeefBar in Hong Kong (1 Michelin star)

  • Yoji Tokuyoshi: Tokuyoshi in Milan, Italy (1 Michelin star)

  • Richie Lin: Mume in Taipei, Taiwan (1 Michelin star)

  • Hervé Deville: Momo in London, United Kingdom

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