Pierre Gagnaire ***

Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire

Paris, France

I recommend Lise without hesitation.

The events she organised for us were always of a very high quality.

Her sense of detail is precious as it allows us to come as close as possible to the expectations of her clients. Furthermore, she always strives to ensure each event is an experience for all who take part.


Bruno Oger **

Restaurant Bruno Oger / Villa Archange

La Cannet, France


I was very happy and proud to be able to participate in the charity dinner organized by Lise with my chefs’ colleagues and friends. It is a real satisfaction to be able to share your passion for cooking and support worthy causes.

I especially want to thank Lise for her professionalism and for the rigor of her organization: she was able to highlight Gastronomy as an art in its own right - synonymous with sharing and conviviality - she was able to federate men around their passion, use their talents to support a humanitarian cause.

Our common love for Cooking has enabled us to bring men and their culture together and show solidarity. Thank you…

Bernard Bach**

Le Puits St. Jacques

Pujaudran, France


Every year Lise invites many international Michelin star rated chefs to her international events.

It has always been an intense pleasure to meet chefs from France or elsewhere around the world, to discover the diversity of culinary cultures, to meet, to cook and exchange some ideas through a dialogue of friendship.

Thank you Lise for making these kinds of events and gatherings possible.

And thank you so much Lise for letting us take part to these events which are always organized in a professional way.

Christophe Bacquié *** 

Hôtel du Castellet, Resort***** 

Le Castellet, France


Lise is passionate about gastronomy and exchanges between chefs from different countries and cultures.

Her organization of the Stars, Food & Art dinners was always very professional which certainly contributed to their success.

She has all my confidence and my sympathy...

Arnaud Donckele ***

Résidence de la pinède

St. Tropez, France


This passionate gastronomic event’s organiser puts all her professional strength, her rigor, her joy for us, the artists, but also for the guests.

My most memorable evenings and events were on the side of this great lady who organizes these rare moments with a maestro's precision.

Patrick Jeffroy **

Restaurant Patrick Jeffroy

Carantec, France


With Lise, it's a love story that connects us.

A passion that we chefs put at her disposal to make fabulous dinners. Lise is a magician of events. How not to respond to her requests?

Her sense of organization is superb, straight, friendly and always in prominent establishments.

Our pleasure of cooking is unrestrained, and it is always in the heat of the fire that we find ourselves, cooks from all over the world to honour the guests of a worthy cause.

And all because Lise asked us. What do you want me to say, we can't say "no" to her.

Joe Barza

Master chef

Beirut, Lebanon


Lise, my Friend,

Your dedication to your work and your level of professionalism cannot be described in words.

You bring your attention to detail to every project and your innovative ideas help us professionals stay up to date with the latest trends.

I cannot express how much I respect your work and how proud I am to be able to work with you!

Tim Raue **

Tim Raue Restaurant

Berlin, Germany


Lise arranged a fantastic night in Munich, a culinary sensation of great chefs with an outstanding art performance. All together it was an unforgettable night, facilitated by Lise...

Kiko Moya**

Jefe de Cocina Rte.

L´Escaleta, Spain


Lise Timmer has been the star of one of the most wonderful chapters I've had as a chef, reminding me the importance of our work. It gave me the opportunity to be part of a team of professionals whose attention to detail helped us create brilliant things.

I hope to be part of one of these projects again in the future and thank Lise for the trust she places on me.

Thomas Buhner ***




She’s the best...

I’ve been working together with Lise for 8 years now. To me, she’s the best.

Not just because of her excellent contacts and her ideas, but also because she’s so open and positive. She has a sound opinion on all matters of gastronomy, and her suggestions are exceptionally good. I have often participated in her perfectly organized events such as Stars, Food & Art.

She easily manages to create an atmosphere of harmony and familiarity, always bring the right people together.

Emmanuel Renaut ***

Restaurant Flocons de Sel

Mégève, France


Lise for our experiences ... Cooking brings us to share magical moments.

Lise, we love you

Guy Krenzer

Chef Exécutif et Directeur de la Création Lenôtre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Paris, France


Meeting Lise Timmer on our atypical and passionate professional path shows us how important it is to share.

She knows how to bring teams together, how to create an atmosphere where both gastronomy and guests are central to the event.

I admire her professionalism and her natural kindness. I genuinely enjoy working with Lise and wish her every success.

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