Sanneke Swen


The Netherlands

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Lise from CHEF'S by Lise Timmer. Lise and I extensively worked together on various food related projects for high-end kitchen brands NEFF and GAGGENAU in the Netherlands. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Lise and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team and project. Lise is very honest, dependable, incredibly hard-working with a perfect understanding of the world of gastronomy. Her enthusiasm and people skills make Lise a true asset in the business of gastronomy. Beyond that, she is hands-on and result driven. Her knowledge of working with high-end national and international Chefs and her expertise in working for exclusive food events has been a huge advantage to us. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Lise.

Salvador Lucena

General Manager at Monte Rei Golf & Country Club


Lise is one of the most driven professionials that I know. Result-focused, customer-centric. Fast, witty, with a keen eye for detail, extensive knowledge of the culinary world and thorough business acumen. Great people skills and a natural capacity to bring out the best in everyone. A true pleasure to work with.

Dr. Stephan Haiber
Senior Research Investigator

The Netherlands

When I first met Lise Timmer I only had a vague idea for a new research project in the field
of sweet culinary products with great taste, but low sugar content. Lise convinced me that 2-
or 3-starred chefs have the passion, the knowledge, the experience and the creativity to
make this happen. The project was not meant to become a marketing tool with a lot of
publicity but a true, content driven, flavour science project. Lise filtered her tremendous
network of chefs by these criteria and came back with a perfect match, 2 highly decorated
star chefs and a pastry chef, all three equiped with just the right level of scientific curiosity but without the urgent need for public visibility.
Lise perfectly prepared the project by a visit of our research facilities in Naarden followed by
a clear appointment of in total 6 meetings which were used to taste newly created sweet
culinary products and to discuss the next steps. This approach was extremely efficient and
resulted in more than 100 culinary products which were prepared and tasted and prioritized
by a group of experts. Apart from the efficient and professional planning and execution of this
project Lise created the right spirit, a well-balanced mixture of work and fun. At the end of
the collaboration both, scientists and chefs developed towards a homogenous team that
worked in an open-minded and trustful manner together..
Lise has strong communication skills. This refers to so much more than all the languages
which she speaks fluently. Lise’s secret key is her ability to form strong, enthusiastic and
well-performing teams, even if the group is very heterogeneous, like scientists and chefs.
I can only recommend to contact Lise Timmer and her strong network of chefs, whenever a
new culinary research project will be started.

Thierry Sybord

Managing Director Renault-Nissan



Lise Timmer is not only a reference, she is THE reference in the culinary events organisation and realisation.

Everything she does is always perfectly organised but also full of creativity and romanticism.

She knows more than the others how to obtain the best from people, to give them the freedom to stay themselves and so to deliver a top performance.

I met her as Managing Director of Renault-Nissan Nederland and she organised different events for both private and professional needs.

One of the top was when she created a unique and special show for the launch of the Megane coupé Cabriolet in the Netherlands: she created a 2 stars Michelin Chef cuisine in the workshops of Renault Amsterdam, completed with the exhibition of well-known Dutch artists. I’m sure our guests still remember this fantastic and unique event.

I strongly recommend Lise.

Robert Jan Woltering

General Manager / Accor



Lise is a great person with relevant knowledge about the specialist job of high gastronomy.

Not only can she drive you to reach your goals, but she also assists you with ideas and acts.

I recommend her to all foodies!

Patricia Schneiders – Delvaulx

General Manager French Chamber of Commerce

The Netherlands


Lise has a fantastic culinary network, she knows all the great chefs and they all appreciate her very much.

Her last event at the Sofitel the Grand was very well organised and of high quality; sublime food in a great surrounding with a good pinch of conviviality.

Annette Reijersen van Buuren

Innovative Strategy Manager

The Netherlands


I have worked with Lise when she organised a big culinary event in The Grand in Amsterdam. The event was an immense success mostly due to Lise.

She has a vibrant and sparkling personality and is good at what she is doing. She has an extensive knowledge on the culinary field and gained a lot of respect by many people.

I really appreciate working with her.

Suzka Renssen

Renssen Art gallery

The Netherlands


Lise is the best person to have around if you want your culinary event or culinary details around your event to be a success.

Only the best ingredients, prepared with knowledge and passion, presented in an elegant and tasteful manner. Lise creates still-lives with food, her eye for detail is displayed in all elements which enchants your guests!

Pure, tasty and delicious food is her passion and it shows.

Add to this her enthusiastic, professional and charming personality and you have Lise.

Diethelm Straube




If you want to have an extraordinary evening with a perfect symbiosis of finest cooking and harmonious entertainment you must co-operate with Lise Timmer.

Very sure, you will be convinced within a few minutes.

Thorsten Koenig

Director Innovation at EIT Food

The Netherlands


Lise is a great person connecting people of different background to successfully collaborate on innovation.

Thank you Lise for supporting us!

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