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Christian Bau ***
  • Christian Bau ***

    ‘One must not bow to demands just to please guests and critics, but one must not ignore them either. I am now doing what I feel in my heart, and have therefore arrived at my culinary happy medium.’


    The three-star chef has passed through a period of exceptional development before achieving his present, very personal, ‘’ (bau stil), showing great individuality in haute cuisine. For that Christian Bau has almost completely reinvented his cuisine in the past four years – or rather re-cooked it.

    The basic set-up of his dishes originates from the classical French cuisine, but in a purified and modernized way, presenting a transparent image on the plate without rich buttery sauces or a hegemonic plate distribution of product and side dishes.

    The ‘’ is like a central thread woven through Christian Bau’s sphere of action, the gourmet castle restaurant Victor’s in Perl-Nennig, alongside the river Mosel, and is a deliberate interaction of cuisine, service and ambiance. Christian Bau does not only span a culinary tensioned arch through the difficult game of contrasts such as sweet/sour/salty or crisp/soft and hot/cold. Instead, he emphasises it deliberately by the use of various types of china – in different forms and colours – thus creating exciting disparities for a symbiosis of products, culture and the art of cookery of all continents.

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