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Christophe Bacquié ***
  • Christophe Bacquié ***

    “Everything in the plate must serve a purpose. What has changed a lot in my cuisine is the balance of saveurs. I was cataloged as a ‘very technical’ chef even if I don’t believe that I am. Techniques are present during the preparation but they are discreet in the plate to the advantage of the products and the taste. Upon discovering a new dish, the senses are aroused. First, there is what you see; if it is not attractive, your brain cannot move to what is ‘good’. Then, there are the aromas, finally, the taste. The taste, in its great simplicity, comes mostly from the excellence of the products: between a line-caught sea bass, and one raised off shore with flours, the result during cooking is absolutely not the same. With experience, I think I am essentially a chef for Mediterranean products."


    Chef Christophe Bacquié has been in charge of the cooking at the Hôtel & Spa du Castellet since late 2009. He started his studies at Ecole Hotelière at 16 years old and discovered that he prefers the kitchen over service. His mentor was an exceptional chef whom he met at L’Oasis. He worked for twelve years in his native Corsica, gaining a Michelin star for restaurant La Villa in Calvi there in 2002 and a second in 2007. At Hôtel & Spa du Castellet he won two stars in 2010 for the restaurant, which was originally named Monte Cristo and since 2015 called Restaurant Christophe Bacquié. He earned the ultimate third star for the establishment in the 2018 guide.

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