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Erik van Loo **
  • Erik van Loo **

    “Parkheuvel is all about emotions. It is our passion. We welcome our guests to spoil them from start to finish. That means that we meet high standards every day. And that brings us endless pleasure.”


    Restaurant Parkheuvel is located on the waterfront near the Rotterdam Euromast and has been an icon in the Dutch gastronomy landscape for many years. Chef Erik van Loo earned his stripes in this two Michelin-starred restaurant, with its refined, modern French cuisine, all served up in a chic, hospitable setting. 


    Erik van Loo’s kitchen is authentic. “What you see is what you get. ”

    Qualitative preparations are recognizable first and foremost, with the product, taste, and texture sensations playing the main role. In this way, Parkheuvel seeks to create a cuisine that touches the senses and emotions.

    Since his son Juliën van Loo joined the business around three years ago, the cuisine has been given a more contemporary twist with elegant presentations and new influences.


    Anyone who says ‘Parkheuvel’ immediately thinks of the unique, round building in which the well-known restaurant is located. The place has a warm, traditional, chic atmosphere inside. They like to call the style of the interior ‘cosy art deco’. The trump card is the terrace, which offers a great view of the busy ships on the Maas river. Quality and comfort are core values at Parkheuvel. 



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