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Glenn Viel ***
  • Glenn Viel ***

    Glenn Viel’s attitude and style of cooking won over Jean-André Charial: "He brings youth and creativity, while retaining the traditional spirit of the cuisine at the Baumanière".

    The young chef cut his teeth at the finest French restaurants, from Le Meurice to the Kilimanjaro, where he was awarded two stars by the Michelin guide. His back to basics approach to cuisine brings out the unique flavor of each local ingredient.


    Glenn Viel offers an eco-responsible cuisine using organic products, some of which come from the vegetable garden he has set up near the restaurant. The chef uses some of the restaurant's classics, such as Alpilles lamb in a crust or the vegetarian menu imagined by Jean-André Charial.

    Since arriving at the Baumanière in March 2015, he has constantly been developing new projects. Among them: extending the vegetable garden, working on establishing a teaching farm with chickens and pigs… In the kitchen, he practices radical new techniques by developing innovative methods for flavoring foods, drying tomatoes from the garden in specially designed wooden dryers…

    In 2020, Glenn Viel was awarded a third star in the Michelin guide.


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