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Henrique Sá Pessoa **
  • Henrique Sá Pessoa **

    At Alma, we serve emotions, identity, knowledge. In the end, we seek to develop a kitchen with depth, which is also a consequence of our experiences.


    Henrique Sá Pessoa plays in the top league of Portuguese cuisine, and his two-star restaurant gives gourmets from near and far yet another reason to head for the trendy capital of the seafaring nation.

    However, Henrique Sá Pessoa’s love of cooking was actually sparked on the other side of the Atlantic when he attended a lecture about the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Institute during an exchange visit to the USA. He was fascinated by the world of gastronomy that opened up before him and decided to complete the education at the prestigious school in order to receive the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction.

    After graduation he gathered practical experience in London, Sydney and Lisbon.


    In 2009, Henrique Sá Pessoa opened his own restaurant, Alma, in his hometown of Lisbon. Although he enjoyed success from the start, the real breakthrough came in 2015 when the restaurant was moved to a larger venue in the heart of the city. Within a year, Alma was awarded its first Michelin star, a second one followed in 2018.

    Henrique Sá Pessoa’s cuisine is focused on taste. His numerous travels, a profound love of Asian food, his knowledge of traditional Portuguese cooking and Lisbon’s lifestyle all find their way into his creations.


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