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Jaimie van Heije
  • Jaimie van Heije

    Jaimie van Heije comes from a family where food has always been central. As a little boy, he was already inspired by his grandmother's Indian cuisine. After his culinary school, Jaimie van Heije has grown from being a help in the kitchen to a sous chef at a michelin star restaurant within a few years. When this chef left his restaurant, Jaimie seized his chance. He started his own restaurant Jaimie van Heije, where he devises and creates his own dishes every day.


    Restaurant Jaimie van Heije, in the picturesque little town Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, is a restaurant where every detail has been thought out down to the last detail. “Every day we work hard on a unique menu, atmosphere and setting.” Every dish is different, with really good food and coziness in a beautiful place. Jaimie's personality can therefore be recognized in everything; the food, the interior, the staff and even the guests. His idiosyncratic style makes every lunch and every dinner a one-of-a-kind experience.


    “My cuisine is hard to put into words. I use all my experiences and inspiration to come up with new and exciting dishes every day. I want to surprise people with influences from all over the world.” says Jaimie van Heije. Many people therefore opt for a surprise menu and trust that Jaimie van Heije and his team put together the best of the best. Jaimie van Heije always comes to the table himself and enjoys introducing people to his new dishes.

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