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Jermain de Rozario *
  • Jermain de Rozario *

    "When i cook, i start with the seven chakras and life lessons from octaves, colors and vibrations."


    Jermain de Rozario is only 21 years old when he starts his career in hospitality, as a waiter at restaurant De Warande in Helmond. Owner René van Thiel instructs him on which course to take in the hospitality industry. De Rozario soon wants to become a chef, and lands an internship at diner 'T Parliament during his cooking education. His training is conducted here, while he is given the space and freedom to grow from an apprentice to a skilled chef. This is also the place where he meets his partner, Virginia Rhoe. In 2013 Jermain starts working for star chef Soenil Bahadoer as chef de partie. At restaurant De Lindehof he learns that if you want to be at star level, you have to accelerate and put everything aside. It's about focus and discipline. Quite unexpectedly, Jermain and his partner Virginia get the chance to take over 'T Parliament.

    In 2016 he opened restaurant De Rozario, in the same place he once started out as an apprentice and was soon awarded a coveted Michelin star.

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