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Kazuyuki Tanaka **
  • Kazuyuki Tanaka **

    From Japan to France, a family dream... - Born in Fukuoka, the largest city on the island of Kyushu, in the very south of Japan, Kazuyuki Tanaka grew up surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the family kitchen. The son of a restaurateur, he was fascinated by the work of his father, whose brasserie served French cuisine. Kazuyuki began by working in some of Japan's finest restaurants for 5 years. He worked hard to save money. Without a diploma, but with the Michelin Guide in his pocket, he flew to France in 2006 to further his knowledge. His thirst for learning led him to work in starred restaurants with chefs Gilles Tournadre (2 stars at Gill in Rouen), Emmanuel Renaut (3 stars at Flocon de Sel in Megève) and David Zuddas (1 star at Auberge de la Charme in Prenois), where he was chef de partie and met his wife Marine, who also worked in the kitchen as a commis.


    In 2013, the couple decided to return to their roots in Champagne, close to Marine's family. Kazu immersed himself in books by chefs from around the world. He also continued to experiment with Michelin-starred chefs. His meeting with Benoit Vidal, the two-star chef at Atelier d'Edmond in Val d'Isère, made a particularly strong impression on him. Kazu can identify with his blend of influences, his rigour, his authenticity and his love of the product. All in all, eight years of learning and encounters... The young Kazu discovered unknown products, techniques and French culture which, combined with his Japanese origins, allowed him to build his culinary identity. In 2015, Kazuyuki and his wife Marine decided to open their own restaurant in France because "here people share their feelings, which is the basis of pleasure". A dream that Kazu shares with his father... It will be in Reims, the city of the Sacres.


    Racine, a sensory experience - Racine was born with all the discretion and modesty that characterise the couple. In 2017, the Japanese chef was awarded his first Michelin star, to be followed by a second in 2020 at the age of 35. In 2018, he was also named "Grand of Tomorrow" by the Gault&Millau guide. A prestigious accolade that confirms the taste for excellence of a chef driven by the desire for perfection.


    Purity and aesthetics at the root of taste - here cooking takes on the appearance of a living art. Chef Kazuyuki Tanaka creates dazzling miniature paintings at the service of the product. Bold, vibrant dishes with simple combinations that combine Japanese refinement and precision with local French produce.


    Kazu is always looking for originality, new combinations of flavours and textures, with balance as the only limit. Nothing is too much. The chef's cuisine combines the beautiful and the good with coherence in the service of good food and emotion. He knows how to forget in order to create again and again, leaving an indelible mark on his customers... "If I ask a customer what they ate 6 months ago and they can't remember, it must not have been good. Cooking is all about memories". And every detail counts. The taste, the preparation, the service, the atmosphere of the restaurant - everything comes together and is meticulously thought out to create a unique experience. With care and perfect balance, Kazuyuki Tanaka and his team combine his Japanese origins with his adopted country of France, demonstrating an outstanding technique that is a feast for the eyes and the palate with apparent simplicity. If La Racine du bon is in constant pursuit of perfection...

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