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Mostafa Seif
  • Mostafa Seif

    Mostafa opened his restaurant Khufu in March 2023 right next to the pyramids in Egypt and it won straight away 'LA LISTE’s Hidden Gem'.
    His first experience was on a street food cart in Cairo. He discovered his natural talent and passion for cooking in the Army Mess Hall at the age of 20. 
    After graduating from the Culinary Arts Academy in 2013, Chef Mostafa became determined to develop his talent and love for cooking to create exceptional dishes that will help to raise the reputation of chefs in Egypt. He was the first chef to attempt to redefine Egyptian cuisine and probably the only one that does that. He’s considered the best when it comes to New Egyptian cuisine and one of the best chefs in the Middle East. 
    He’s known for being humble and is always praised by people who worked with him, regarding his fine attitude. His motto is "I love the kitchen more than Mostafa himself." These words, he believes, sum up the passion that he has for the culinary arts.
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