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Sébastien Vauxion *
  • Sébastien Vauxion *

    Sébastien Vauxion is ‘raised’ in the famous Parisian boutiques of Pierre Hermé, Philippe Conticini.

    After these experiences he becomes the executive pastry chef of the K2 Collections which groups 3 hotels, 10 restaurants ( including two restaurants (Kintessence and Montgomérie) with 2 Michelin stars, one restaurant (Le SarKara) with 1 Michelin star and one Pastry boutique.  Sebastien is in charge of the whole pastry / bakery business for all these restaurants and the Boutique.


    His career began in several famous Michelins starred restaurants as Le Meurice alongside Camille Lesecq and Yannick Alléno before becoming for nearly 10 years the "Monsieur Sucre" of famous 3 star chef Pierre Gagnaire based in Paris at Balzac ***.

    He managed the pastry of all his French restaurants and oversees the pastry of 11 restaurants around the world. London, Dubai, Tokyo ... Travel became soon an integral part of his daily life.


    Since January 2019, Sébastien Vauxion is the first pastry chef awarded with a star by the French Michelin Guide for his gastronomic dessert restaurant « Le SarKara », a revolution in the history of the famous Red Guide.

    Being an alchemist of taste, Sébastien plays with audacity, and a certain delicacy, classic tastes and flavors to sublimate his deserts. He adjusts balance with mastery, resulting in delicate original works. Visually, his creations add art to the subject.


    Sébastien Vauxion gets his inspiration from all that surrounds him, posing an original, always very personal look on his environment and on the world in general. His signature, really atypical, enters in perfect osmosis with the spirit of the Houses that make up the K2 Collections for which Sébastien proposes the best with passion and generosity. It is not a coincidence that one of them devotes every winter a space dedicated entirely to the expression of his talent.

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