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Vladimir Pak
  • Vladimir Pak

    Vladimir Pak is a Russian-born Chef of Korean descent specialises in Edomae, a traditional form of sushi-making that was invented almost two centuries ago in Tokyo, combines fresh raw fish and cooked rice seasoned with vinegar.


    The name Omakase means “trust the chef” and chef Pak and his team seeks to continue the Edomae tradition of the local by using only the finest sustainable ingredients available, mainly from Norway, combined with Tokyo cuisine and prepared by using traditional Japanese techniques.


    Before establishing his restaurant Omakase, Chef Pak honed his craft around the world in Japan, Russia and Lithuania. His dedication paid off when he was crowned World Champion (Gold Medal) at the World Sushi Cup 2017. He also holds the position of Head Chef at the World Sushi Skills Institute and is a certified Sushi Chef from the All Japanese Sushi Association.




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