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Proud to be working on this wonderful project together with AMOUAGE and Thomas Bühner

AMOUAGE is proud to announce an unprecedented fragrance-inspired culinary collaboration with Thomas Bühner, the world-renowned three-Michelin-star chef from Germany. Currently part of an immersive gastronomic experience at La Vie by Thomas Bühner Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, the à la carte menu features sublime and aesthetically pleasing edible works of art inspired by four exquisite perfume creations added to the Odyssey Collection.

Chef Bühner and Amouage expanded on the idea of serving unique dishes and sweet treats that are all elaborate takes on the stories behind the Lineage, Search, Guidance, and Purpose fragrances, created by KARINE VINCHON SPEHNER, Alexis Grugeon and Quentin Bisch. 

Having worked previously together, the world-renowned chef and Amouage are known for their exquisite taste and ability to create immersive olfactory journeys, of which smell has always been an essential part. It is only fitting for the two entities to combine the allure of Amouage perfumes with the taste of fine food. After all, and for precisely 40 years, Amouage has been known for creating some of the world’s finest luxury fragrances, while Thomas Bühner crafts and curates a symphony of flavours in Gastronomy, serving as a grand culinary ambassador worldwide.

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