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What better way to immerse yourself in the culinary secrets of the world’s most renown chefs,

than sitting at a table in front of them.

Chefs will welcome you to their table and treat you to a dinner experience you will never forget.

Chefs a table offers you a chance to an authentic and delightful encounter with the world’s most renown chefs.

Enjoy a sumptuous dining experience with chefs preparing your dinner live right in front of you.

Chefs a table is an exclusive dining experience that treats more than just your taste buds

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The chef and his team serve up a menu to a table of up to 30 surrounding their small kitchen. The intimate experience at Chefs a Table allows diners to experience what goes into their meals, just as if the chefs were cooking for them at home.


Seasonal food cooked freshly in front of you

This creative dining experience take you beyond the usual restaurant set-up

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