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Colaboración HANOS

Muy buena colaboración con la revista HANOS en la que comparto mis pensamientos sobre el desarrollo culinario mundial antes, durante y después de Covid19.

HANOS was founded in 1975 as a cash-and-carry wholesaler for the horeca industry in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area. In 1980 it was decided to expand the range of fresh fish, meat and fruit and vegetables. Horeca entrepreneurs indicated that they wanted to do all their purchases under one roof, so-called one-stop shopping. In 1982 HANOS started with the delivery service and the company started as well on an international base because the demand for foreign fresh products rose explosively. From 1989, HANOS itself imported wines from various wineries from all over the world. In the early 1990s, extensive pastry departments were established in the branches. There was also a game factory in Apeldoorn, where game is processed from start to finish.

Since its foundation, HANOS has grown as a wholesaler into an organization with twenty wholesale branches spread throughout the Netherlands and two in Belgium.

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