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Adeline Grattard *
  • Adeline Grattard *

    “Before anything, Yam’Tcha is a cuisine driven by love and emotion. I don’t have any written recipes. I don’t write anything down. I think it’s not as spontaneous if you do. If the staff gets fixated on the recipes, it freezes things. They try and be too exact. They don’t work with as much heart. We never weigh the sauces. We always make them instinctively. It changes all the time.”


    Adeline Grattard is the chef and co-owner of Yam’Tcha, a small fine dining restaurant in Paris where she prepares seasonal French ingredients using Chinese techniques. Her husband Chi Wah manages the restaurant and its tea service. The duo also operates a takeaway shop specializing in tea and dim sum. One of Grattard’s signature dishes is a bao stuffed with stilton cheese, which she says is “the story of our lives, because it combines France and Hong Kong.” Yam’Tcha currently holds one Michelin star.



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