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Christophe Hardiquest
  • Christophe Hardiquest

    “The technique should not be felt, it is only in the service of taste and emotion.”


    Belgian chef Christophe Hardiquest is known for his combination of classic cooking techniques with excellent produce to create contemporary and flavorful dishes.

    Born in Liège in the east of Belgium, Christophe Hardiquest’s earliest memory of being interested in food is his grandmother’s chicken broth with “alphabet” pasta.

    His approach to cooking is multicultural, epicurean, and above all, generous. With sustainability at its core, Christophe’s cuisine promotes dialogue and sharing. The chef’s kitchen is one of improvisation, with no tules or borders.

    “Work with quality products, know their origin. There is no large kitchen that lies without products of excellence.”


    Christophe focuses on quality, craftsmanship and, of course, good seasoning. His philosophy: just cook good food that oozes warmth from its heart, tells a story and results in a good feeling.

    Dazzling diners in the moment, spontaneity, showcasing the product’s excellence, perfectly pairing flavors and preparing fresh food are the chef’s driving factors.

    To Christophe, it is important that the diners understand his cooking, and they are “participants in the composition of the symphony of emotions that he is about to live” through his food.


    After 20 years behind the stove in the kitchen of his restaurant Bon Bon, 20 years of giving 200 per cent everyday, it is time for him to make a turn in his life and his career.

    Christophe said that the closing of the restaurant is not an end but the beginning of a new chapter.


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