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Dina Macki
  • Dina Macki

    Born and raised in the UK to an Omani & Zanzibari family, dina has constantly been surrounded by an eclectic mix of food. Although not ashamed to devour a whole bowl of freshly cooked rice everyday, she did spend her youth being so embarrassed by a rice odoured house that her friends would come to.


    It wasn’t until Uni, when leaving home for the big city to study Fashion & Marketing, that she realised her student loan didn’t cater to fine dining everyday… and so from a la carte to the kitchen, all the years of helping her mother & grandmother make dinner finally paid off, to which she was able to start experimenting and using her housemates as guinea pigs to embark on Dine with Dina.


    To say the least they became well fed students and everyone knew which house to come to should they miss their mama’s cooking (oh, and Dina became so proud when they’d comment on the rice aroma!).


    Dina’s food is heavily influenced by her Middle Eastern background and particularly by Oman’s geographical position along with it’s maritime history, allowing Dina to combine the best of Asian spices, with the colours of Iran, home comforts of the Middle East & Africa along with the delicate touch of the West. Alongside this Dina’s British upbringing with her travels reflects a lot within her hybrid creations.


    In 2019 Dina wanted to introduce London to Omani food in real life and began her supper clubs, with sold out events this has been a huge success in allowing her audience to become a community around her food.

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