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Erik Tas *
  • Erik Tas *

    “I think that classic, in the sense that everything has to taste good, is the right word. Butter, cream and milk are widely used in our kitchen. And by pure flavors I also mean beautiful honest products. Everything has to be right. I have a very different cooking style than, for example, chefs who make amazingly beautiful creations. Every chef has his own signature and therefore his own audience."


    Erik wants the guests to feel "at home" in his restaurant. And that atmosphere, in combination with the execution of the dishes, earned “Bij Erik” a very nice Bib Gourmand mention from Michelin within a year. “Bij Erik” is a very intimate fine dining restaurant, in a 16th century building, located on the water at a lock. It has since been renovated from top to bottom over the years. The restaurant has 20 seats downstairs and 12 upstairs. Erik works with a fixed monthly menu of eight seasonal dishes. “Most of my guests go for 5 or 6 courses and let me choose what to make."


    Chef Tas is a lover and connoisseur of beautiful products such as sole, sweetbreads and wagyu. You will notice this in the quality with which he works and the correctness of the cuissons. To accompany the main ingredient, he always chooses to-the-point garnishes, and he demonstrates his expertise with the intensity of the sauces. The power of a sage-scented gravy gives a perfectly crusted piece of veal, for example, an extra dimension.


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