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Heiko Antoniewicz
  • Heiko Antoniewicz

    "I truly love dairy products and couldn’t imagine cooking without them. Butter, cream and cheese are genuine gifts of nature and the best imaginable flavour enhancers. They add body to any dish while naturally binding it. They’re simply magical!"


    Heiko Antoniewicz  is a German chef who uses techniques of molecular gastronomy, including sous-vide.

    He started his formation with the basics of the traditional German and French cuisine. Already in the early days as a young Chef, he proved his skills in a multitude of competitions. Amongst others, he was elected the youngest “Chef of the Year” at the time, “Deutscher Lachsmeister” (German Salmon Champion) and winner of the Noilly Prat Trophy. During his training he was appointed “Stadtmeister der Köche“ (City Champion of Chefs) in Dortmund. During his active time as chef and shortly after the opening of his restaurant, he was awarded a Michelin star.


    Antoniewicz has cooked for Crown Prince Harald of Norway, Queen Elizabeth II, and Angela Merkel.

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