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Patrick Jeffroy
  • Patrick Jeffroy

    Charismatic two Michelin star chef Patrick Jeffroy is lighting up the french culinary world from his hometown in Britanny, in the heights of Carantec. Refering to gastronomy for his seafood dishes, he has kept his childhood tastes from Britanny, which he reinvents with his inspirations and journeys. Let’s meet this passionate chef for who Carantec has been, since more than 10 years, his private theater showing his creative and audacious cooking.


    45 years of cooking business and an unchanged passion.

    The unconditionnale love for cooking and it’s products started in his grand mother’s kitchen garden in Saint Martin des Champs, and on the beach of the Guerzit at Plougasnou, where he already enjoyed biting algaes to keep the salty taste in his mouth. Vegetables discovery and theirs artistical shape, pot cast magic on the stove, roasted meal smell....those are a few of his sweet childhood memories, origin of an already found vocation.


    At 15, he starts his apprenticeship. His revelations as a young apprentice ? Gourmet cooking is defenitely sea oriented with Sir Bohic at Porspol’s hotel of Carantec. Revelation as well in Port de Carhaix at the “l’Auberge du Poher” where Chef Nicolas’s cooking is refined and gastronomic. Those values and influences will never fade.

    Then, he worked for a lot of houses from his native town, Britanny, in particular in Locquénolé at the Kerliviou restaurant. One star Michelin in the past. As an untired traveller, his journey’s accross the World, stoped for 2 years in the Ivory Coast, made noticeble halts in Paris, Val d’Isère or la Forêt Compiègne where he learns to cook using wildlife.


    Michelin star

    In 1979, back in his country of Morlaix, he becomes Chef of the l’Europe restaurant and gets his first Michelin star in 1984. Patrick Jeffroy talent is then recognized by the media with a revolutionary recipe overly inspired by his strong interest for the humanity and history of cooking. He became the forerunner of cooking fish on a polished pebble, an idea he got straight from Claude Levi-Strauss’s book’ “Le cru et le cuit”.

    In 2000, he discovers then falls in love with the view of the hôtel de la Falaise, old building from the 30s in Carantec. Renamed L’Hôtel de Carantec, the building comes back to life in an uncluttered style to sublime the sea view. That’s how the “carantécoise” adventure started 17 years ago. Then it goes really quickly: he gets his first star in 2001 and his second in 2002 for “a soft mastered alliance of classicisme and inventiveness”in the famous red guide.


    Britanny defender and fearless traveller

    Patrick Jeffroy incarnate Britanny’s most beautiful values : sea’s passion, journeys and discoveries, but also the love for his country and it labeled identity with strong traditions.

    Product lover and willful defender of his region, he loves to merge earth’s and sea’s finest products. Forerunner, 30 years ago, to serve on the same plate as andouille de Guémené and red mullet, he adores to confront Britanny’s powerful tastes.

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