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Travis Petersen
  • Travis Petersen

    Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, Chef Travis Petersen has pioneered the culinary cannabis landscape in North America, serving over 15,000 people their first infused dining experience.


    Since 2018, Travis has established collaborative partnerships with key cultivators and cannabis retailers across North America, while spearheading the development of comprehensive educational initiatives that emphasize the importance of safety and responsible practices in cannabis-infused cooking.


    The year 2021 marked The Nomad Cook's expansion into the US market, where it swiftly gained recognition for collaborations with industry giants. Chef Travis's expertise lies in crafting recipes that
    intricately weave together the terpene profiles of specific cannabis strains, culminating in unforgettable gastronomic journeys.

    The Nomad Cook not only imparts unique educational insights
    but also redefines expectations surrounding cannabis-infused cuisine, fostering meaningful connections with consumers and reshaping the very essence of this burgeoning field.

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