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European Institute of Innovation

“By bringing all players together, we are building a shared vision for the future of food, and a shared agenda to transform it and make it better.”

Very successful Food Market Event of EIT Food in Munich.

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) is an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to deliver innovation across Europe.

My Inspirational talk was based on what Star chefs think about Innovation and how they integrate this in their kitchen.

I had the honor to have German 3 star chef Jan Hartwig with me during the talk and his input and dedication were very interesting and important.

Info about this discussion will be soon on the website of EIT Food.

"With all these culinary developments, I strongly believe that classic cuisine ENABLES AND ENPOWERS innovation, an opinion shared by many of the world- famous chefs."

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted by consumers.

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