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11 chefs au Cap St Georges Chypre - 2023

Deuxième édition d'événements gastronomiques avec 11 chefs internationaux au Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort à Chypre.

Very proud to announce the kick-off of the second edition of gastronomic events with 11 international chefs at Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort in Cyprus.

Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort continues its popular culinary event ‘Sky Stars’ throughout 2023. The events will be held at Sky7 fine dining restaurant and promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience for its guests.

Renowned chefs, boasting 1 to 2 Michelin stars, will join forces with Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort executive chef and team, to prepare exceptional dishes for guests.

These award-winning chefs originate from diverse cultural backgrounds and each will present their signature dishes and culinary techniques.

The Michelin-starred guest chefs who will visit the resort are:

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